Our website for a property company attracted international buyers from launch
Our new iD for a recruitment company won them a big supermarket contract
Our marketing for this failing school helped them become one of the most improved in England
Our brochure for a super yacht helped the owner maintain it for free
Our brochure cut costs and raised funds for this respected charitable trust
Our marketing for a freight company opened up a new world of business for them
Our voucher campaign for a garden centre got customers visiting again and again
Our campaign for a building company won them big projects in schools ….and awards too
Our brochure for a social care company won them more business with Local Authorities
Our CGI movie sold a $20 million home before a single brick was laid
Our leaflet helped a start-up sell franchises before the business was even launched
Our campaign for a fabrics company grew their business by targeting luxury homes

Business grows in the Greenhouse ….

Greenhouse Marketing is a brand and communications agency with one simple aim – to help you grow your business.

When you invest in marketing you expect to see a return. That’s what we excel in.  Our approach is based upon the old adage of inspiration and perspiration.

Inspiration is that light bulb moment. Imaginative creative solutions to your marketing problems.

Perspiration is the greenhouse effect. The care and attention required to nurture a business or brand so it grows.

Do you want to grow your business?

Whether you need a logo, a new brand image, brochure, leaflet, website, photography or you’re just looking for new ideas Greenhouse will make you stand out, be different. Nobody ever got noticed by following the crowd.

Any agency can give you design work. But at Greenhouse we think strategically. Results are what it’s all about in our book. If it doesn’t sell then it’s not creative.

Our original marketing solutions have achieved some staggering results for our clients. These are not all big spending companies either, many are small businesses that got a big return on a limited budget by using Greenhouse.

Take a look at our case studies.

If you just have a small job or need Full Service we are happy to suit your needs. Design, print, web, photography, copywriting, exhibitions, banners we offer a full range of marketing and creative services.

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If you already have a good idea of what you want, check our ‘Lets get to the point’ section you might find what you are after there.

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