Joined up marketing

At Greenhouse we are able to provide you with a complete range of strategic, marketing and creative services. We tailor these to your needs; whether you have an ad-hoc project or a major campaign.

If you just need a new logo for your business, new marketing literature or a website we can help.

Maybe you have an event and need some photography, or are thinking about a newsletter and would like someone to write the copy, Greenhouse will manage this for you. Take a look at some recent projects here >>

Whilst we are happy to provide you with something specific we know that every item of business expenditure these days needs to be justified.

Is it really needed?
Is it going to deliver what’s wanted?
Who can supply what’s needed at the best price?
You want value for money, right?

…So Greenhouse operates what we call a ‘joined up marketing’ approach.

With every project we do we look at how we can leverage that work to give you more value. So, for example, if we produce a company brochure for you we will also produce a digital version so you can put it on your website. We can create links in your e-mails that direct customers to the brochure on your website and we can place your brochure on-line in a way that will not only link back to your website but will improve your Google ranking too.
There are many other ways we can provide this joined up marketing approach which ensures you wring out every ounce of value from your budget …and get more marketing bang for your buck.