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You're busy, you just need a solution to a marketing problem. We can help.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and statements we hear when we talk to businesses…

-I want to market my business but am worried about the cost …
No business can operate in a vacuum. Customers will not beat a path to your door. So you need to do some form of marketing to spread the word about how great you are. There are many things you can do that are free or pretty cheap, they will only require your time. After that proper marketing starts to cost money, but you can do some serious marketing for your business without losing control of the cost.
Brochures, leaflets, a website, advertising, an exhibition, some public relations, etc, etc. Doing them all costs money but doing them badly makes them really expensive! At Greenhouse we’ll show you how to plan your marketing and how to control your costs so you spend what you can afford and maximise the return on your investment.
-We’re a new business what do we need to do to promote it …
So your new business is up and running. Now what about getting some customers? You know they are out there. You know they are going to love your products but they don’t know you even exist so how are you going to sell to them? At Greenhouse we help businesses of all sizes plan their marketing based upon their objectives and their budget.
We can tell you about techniques you can use yourself that are totally free to get your message ‘out there’. We can help you create a plan that grows as you do so you don’t have to keep worrying every week what you should be doing and stressing about how much it’s going to cost. So, before you do anything, talk to us and we’ll come and have a chat without any obligation on your part.
-I need a brochure or literature …
Some clients know exactly what they want and some haven’t a clue. They just know they need something! The first thing we ask is “what do you want it for?” Making sure you don’t have the wrong literature for the job is vital. It’s wasteful and expensive. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen boxes of un-used brochures propping open office doors. We will work with you to analyse what you want to achieve, decide what literature you need then help you pull it all together. We’ve created everything from glossy brochures to simple flyers and company newsletters so we know what we’re doing. We can write the words, organise any pictures and create a perfect design to meet your objectives. We will also help you arrange the print if you need us to. So if you need any printed literature DON’T PANIC! Greenhouse will make it easy for you.
-I’ve got an exhibition coming up, who can help …
At Greenhouse we are genius at turning empty spaces into fabulous business environments. From a simple banner stand to a space-filling pop-up right through to fully blown interactive stands we can help you take your message to the masses. We’ve all been to those exhibitions and seen the lonely guy sitting on an empty stand right next to the stand that you almost feel you should be paying to get on.
Understanding what attracts visitors to your stand, how to keep them there and how to capture valuable data is critical to getting the best return on investment for your exhibition. Speak to Greenhouse at the early stages and we will help you through every stage from planning to packing up and we’ll make your stand are look irresistible.
-We’ve been doing our own marketing but we’ve run out of ideas/haven’t got the time can you help …
Of course most business owners do everything when they start up. But as a business grows you don’t have the time or the expertise to do it all yourself. At Greenhouse we are used to working with clients of all sizes helping them to plan and maintain their marketing. Some businesses just like to speak to us for advice and ideas on an ad hoc, when needed basis whereas others retain us to work with them in managing their marketing every month.
For some clients we are their external marketing department where they effectively franchise out their marketing function to a team of experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring their own marketing team. We thrive on creative thinking backed by strategic planning so we will never be short on new ideas on how you can promote your business and build more sales.
-We’re a school and we need someone to help us with a new brochure …
Greenhouse has been working with schools for nearly 10 years. There have obviously been a lot financial management and administration changes in the educational system during this time but fundamental to everything is the quality of teaching and education. We know how to work with any educational establishment and how to communicate the key requirements of parents and students.

From experience we know that no two schools are the same. Different philosophies, cultures, environments even teaching styles. We can tailor your brochure to your school and budget and we make the whole process pain free for you. There are just 5 simple steps to delivering you a fabulous brochure:

– Consultation

– Photography

– Design

– Review

– Proof

What’s more, we understand that the creation of the new school brochure is a project that represents an opportunity for students to have an involvement. Greenhouse is always keen to encourage ways for students to be part of the process and we will work with you to see how this can be best achieved. Previous student projects have involved photography workshops, design competitions and visits to see the brochure printed.

-I want to talk about my branding/logo…
Talk to us.
We’ve created 100’s of logos and complete corporate iD’s for all types of companies.
If you are just starting out you want to look professional and maybe give the impression you are bigger than you are, right?
If you’ve been around for years and so has your logo then maybe you’re thinking it’s time to get a fresh new look but want to keep the heritage of your brand, you don’t want to confuse your loyal customers do you?
Maybe you like your logo but want to modernise your brand? Aren’t they the same things? Er no, your logo is just part of your brand, there are many other areas of your business that determine your brand.

Whatever you think you want to change for your iD talk to us and we’ll happily give you our thoughts free of charge. If you like what you hear then we can show you some ideas.

-I need a website …
Whether you’re just starting up in business, already going but don’t have a website or have a website you’ve grown out of Greenhouse will help you look slick and professional on-line. Often the most difficult part of developing a website is putting together the structure and content. Yet it’s also the most important too. Good content is not just important to tell your customers about your services and products but it is loved by Google too so the better your words and pictures the higher you will get on Google searches. Of course it’s not quite that simple but content is king.
At Greenhouse we’ll not only design your website but we will help you structure it to make sure visitors find it simple to navigate and find what they want as well as write the content and create the images. We can also create your website so editing and adding new content is as simple as typing a Word document so you can makes changes yourself and not pay someone else to do it every time you need a change. Greenhouse will also manage everything else for you to so, we can buy your domain, host your website, integrate your e-mails and optimise your site to improve it search engine visibility.
Do you want to sell on-line? We can create your on-line shop and integrate payment methods and all the automated e-mail confirmations so your customers are happy and you are selling 24/7.
-I don’t know what I want I just need to talk to someone about marketing for my business ….
Don’t panic! This is quite normal.
Many business managers know everything about their business and their markets but may struggle when it comes to marketing.
Greenhouse has a number of clients who came to us just for an initial chat about how we could help them and who are still with us. We will help you draw up a marketing plan taking into account all the issues that impact upon your business and the targets you are aiming for. From there you can decide how you would like to work with us, maybe you are happy to do everything yourself and consult with us when required or you can have full access to our creative and management resources.
The choice is yours.

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