HDS Group

Our brochure for a social care company won them more contracts with Local Authorities

HDS operates several businesses delivering services to the social care sector including the providing of carers, special needs care and care training.

Greenhouse created a new group identity supported by a hierarchy of sub-brands for each business giving the group more focus. We created a corporate brochure enabling HDS to cross-sell its services winning them new contracts from existing and new clients.

“I started my business from a kitchen table and it grew so quickly I didn’t have time to think about marketing. But, as we got bigger, I realised the business didn’t look as professional as it actually was and this would impact on future growth. I’d heard about Greenhouse Marketing through an associate and gave Bob a call. From the very first meeting I felt comfortable with Bob and the Greenhouse team and we have built a relationship that has lasted about 7 years now.

They understand our business, our people and our culture so everything they do for us has been spot on. Right from the start when they created our logos and cemented our brand it made a massive impact. Suddenly we were being treated more seriously and respectfully because we were being seen as professional and dynamic.

Since then Greenhouse has produced much of our marketing material and have advised in so many ways. During a period when we had so much work on we were struggling to keep up Greenhouse set up a desk in one of our offices for a few months to help us through. It has been a real pleasure working with Greenhouse.”

Carol Powell, Founder HDS Group

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