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A campaign we ran for a construction company won them more projects in schools ….and several business awards too

Construction company Lakehouse wanted to prepare itself to win business in the Government’s massive Building Schools For The Future programme.

Credibility comes from deeds not words so Greenhouse created a sponsorship programme in partnership with the Essex Wildlife Trust that funded schools on field trips to their 92 centres. Every trip integrated into the school syllabus so making it fun and educational. Over 5,000 pupils participated in the scheme that also won Lakehouse both Havering and Thames Gateway Business Awards.

It showed Lakehouse had a genuine commitment to educational partnerships and helped them in their tenders to win more school construction contracts.

“When I first met Bob it wasn’t to discuss our marketing but a couple of weeks later he asked for a meeting and what he showed me blew me away. He had obviously picked up several points about the business I had mentioned and put together some suggested marketing solutions. Out of this first meeting we went on to re-brand the company, launch a fantastic company newsletter and introduce a scheme which would ultimately help us secure more business in the educational sector.
Our new branding was a massive step change for the business and has proven to be the springboard to so much that has since followed. The idea of us working with the Essex Wildlife Trust to reach schools was truly innovative in my opinion and was not only a delightful thing to get involved in it did significantly build our profile and credibility in the Education sector. Probably the fact that we won awards for it meant others appreciated it too.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Greenhouse to anyone.”

Steve Rawlings, Chief Executive Lakehouse Contracts

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