But what do our clients think....

Islandbridge Properties

We have worked with Bob at Greenhouse for a number of years and have built up a respect and trust which goes beyond the usual client-agency relationship we have experienced before. We feel confident in just letting them get on with the job because they have never put a foot wrong on the work they have undertaken for us to date.

Relationships are so important in today’s instant and remote world so we value them as friends and business associates.

Gary Couch, CEO

Olive Developments

Greenhouse Marketing are sharp guys. They quickly understood our business and our positioning in the marketplace and were incredibly easy to deal with. We’ve not really got involved with external marketing companies before but we got tremendous value out of relationship which continues on an on-going basis still.

They breathed life into our brand and maintain guardianship over it on our behalf.

Creatively they have produced some brilliant work we are so pleased with. I would certainly recommend them to anyone thinking of using them without hesitation.

Darren Docwra, Director


I’m grateful to Greenhouse Marketing for creating an identity for Booth & Co that elevates it in the marketplace. They came up with a number of great designs and it was difficult to choose as any one of them would have made my business stand out. When you are starting a business there are so many things to think about. I had the name but it was Greenhouse who convinced me I needed a brand. The fact that they came up with it so quickly and effectively gave me a springboard to launch my business in the best possible way.

Thanks Greenhouse.

Paul Booth, Director

HDS Group

I started my business from a kitchen table and it grew so quickly I didn’t have time to think about marketing. But, as we got bigger, I realised the business didn’t look as professional as it actually was and this would impact on future growth. I’d heard about Greenhouse Marketing through an associate and gave Bob a call. From the very first meeting I felt comfortable with Bob and the Greenhouse team and we have built a relationship that has lasted about 7 years now.

They understand our business, our people and our culture so everything they do for us has been spot on. Right from the start when they created our logos and cemented our brand it made a massive impact. Suddenly we were being treated more seriously and respectfully because we were being seen as professional and dynamic.

Since then Greenhouse has produced much of our marketing material and have advised in so many ways. During a period when we had so much work on we were struggling to keep up Greenhouse set up a desk in one of our offices for a few months to help us through. It has been a real pleasure working with Greenhouse.

Carol Powell, Founder


We are delighted with the brochure and marketing support Greenhouse has created for us. The photography was superb and we have been able to use it on so many areas of sales and marketing for Firecracker. We were so impressed with their attention to detail and their commitment to quality.

Stephanie Prince, Surfrider

Straight Mile Nursery

I have worked with Greenhouse for a number of years and they have always produced excellent creative work. I was absolutely delighted with the job they did on the promotional leaflet. Using some pictures I had they managed to source some great photography and kept the whole cost lower than I had expected. I was so impressed with the finished leaflet it really looked fantastic and gave us such a professional image.

David Sisely, Owner

Bramble House Interiors

I’d never done any marketing before and was worried about getting a design company involved in case it was all going to cost more than I could afford. But I needn’t have worried, Greenhouse produced a fantastic brochure and mailer for less than I was expecting. They gave me costs to approve prior to the work and stuck to their promises. Being my first attempt at marketing I wanted it to reflect the quality service I offer and they certainly achieved that. They suggested some special touches like using heavier card and using a matt laminate as part of the design and it worked so well many of my customers comment on it.

Yvonne Jepson, Owner

Q Office Furniture

We really appreciated the honesty and insightful approach Greenhouse gave us in developing our business. We felt the brand wasn’t right for where we wanted to go and Greenhouse helped us confirm our thoughts, define where we wanted to be and created a fresh new brand identity that we feel very happy with. The whole process was a delight as Greenhouse worked step by step, stage by stage to get us to where we are now. I would recommend Greenhouse’s services to any company looking for marketing advice and exceptional creative work.

Julian Sheldrake, Director

HDS Training

The guys at Greenhouse created the HDS branding and did a wonderful job on our domiciliary marketing so I asked them to work with us in the Training Division. The division is growing so rapidly and we are understaffed so it’s been a godsend to have Greenhouse on board. They have helped us grow and manage the business in so many ways.

Because we have built a strong level of trust between us I just let them get on with things knowing they will do what’s best for the business and they will always give great value. It has allowed me and my team to get on with running the business. They have looked after our advertising, exhibitions, literature, presentations, signage in fact most of our marketing and it’s all worked so perfectly so far.

Stuart Smith, HDS Training Centre Manager

Lakehouse Contracts

When I first met Bob it wasn’t to discuss our marketing but a couple of weeks later he asked for a meeting and what he showed me blew me away. He had obviously picked up several points about the business I had mentioned and put together some suggested marketing solutions. Out of this first meeting we went on to re-brand the company, launch a fantastic company newsletter and introduce a scheme which would ultimately help us secure more business in the educational sector.

Our new branding was a massive step change for the business and has proven to be the springboard to so much that has since followed. The idea of us working with the Essex Wildlife Trust to reach schools was truly innovative in my opinion and was not only a delightful thing to get involved in it did significantly build our profile and credibility in the Education sector. Probably the fact that we won awards for it meant others appreciated it too.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Greenhouse to anyone.

Steve Rawlings, Chief Executive

Tolhurst Fisher

Greenhouse understood our market and our brand very well. They modernised our branding without losing the heritage which sets us apart from many other legal firms. The idea of the services illustration graphic was superb because it not only helped underpin our brand but it was a flexible device that worked in any situation. Greenhouse did a great job.

Rosanna Tolhurst, Marketing Manager

Integrate Networks Limited

Greenhouse Marketing provided a new logo and brand image for Integrate Networks. They initially presented three distinctively different alternatives, all of which were of a high standard. The one we went with has proven use-able and versatile. Greenhouse worked to our tight budget and were very pleasing to do business with.

David Plumley, Director

St George’s School

I just wanted to write to say thank you for producing a truly excellent prospectus for St George’s School. Everyone at the school is absolutely delighted with it and it was very well received by the parents at our recent open events for admissions.

The design is first class and the quality of the final production, specially the use of the spot varnish you recommended, has raised the quality perceptions of the school way beyond that achieved with our previous prospectus. It could not have better represented our new status as a specialist Business & Enterprise College and has provided us with a superb platform to grow and develop in the future.

We are particularly pleased with the way you have created a new, strong identity for the school which you have carried across to our website and Newsletter. As we move on to replace other material I am confident that this ‘brand identity’ will serve us well for the future.

I would also like to congratulate you on the manner in which the whole production process was handled. You told us at the beginning that you would manage the whole process for us with the minimum hassle and ensure that we would be constantly kept informed of key timings and status, and that is exactly what happened. Any production issues were dealt with quickly and professionally. Even commencing the job 3 days before the Summer holiday break did not complicate the process as you planned everything meticulously.

Finally, I congratulate you on achieving exactly what you promised in delivering a job we can all be proud of, on time and to budget.

Keith Rumblo, Principal